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Project & QA Process

The below is our execution process of every project:
1. Project forecast from client -> Arrange resources  -> Receive client’s requirement
2. Confirm the receipt as soon as possible, clarify requirement’s clients
3. Analysis every project by using CAT tools (Trados, wordfast, Dejavu, Across…) or any follow client’s requirement
4. Send the analysis (quotation, log files) to client
5. Client confirm then client send the PO of the project
6. Start project follow process of Translating->Editing->Proofreading (translation, editing and proofreading by another linguist included)
* After translator finishes his (her) translation., he (she) will pass to editor.
* If editor does any changes, he (she) has to notify to translator by our form or client’s form.
* If translator does not agree with reviewer, the errors are passed to proofreader or linguist leader of the project.
* If there is any client’s guides we will follow client guides and discuss with them if there is any issue.
For big project of more than 20,000 words we will have a language leader who do sample check to identify errors and risks for best quality before delivery.
Beside, we will use technical tools to solve other issues such as inconsistence problem,etc…
7. Finish project -> Delivery
8. Client confirm the receipt of the files safely
9. If there is any feedback-> Confirm the receipt and correct all errors -> Delivery