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About us

Vietnam Localization Technology (VILO) is jointly established by a team of Vietnamese experienced localization experts.
Our business targets:
- The best quality
- The most reasonable price
- Always meeting clients’ deadlines
- Professional services

We provide Vietnamese translating/localizing/interpreting services in a wide range of fields such as political, legal, financial, technical, commercial etc for telephone, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting events.

Our qualified translators/editors/proofreader/interpreters are all well experienced and reliable with both language proficiency and specialist background.

We always try to keep our price the most competitive to be found on the market for Vietnamese interpreting services.

This is the reason why you give us a call or send us a request for a detailed translating/localizing/interpreting quotation right now.

We are focusing on the following areas:
- Document translation:

  • English -> Vietnamese, Vietnamese -> English, Japanese -> Vietnamese, Vietnamese -> Japanese, Chinese -> Vietnamese, Vietnamese -> Chinese, The major languages into Vietnamese, etc.
  • English <> Burmese/Karen
  • English <> Hmong
  • English <> Lao
  • English <> Khmer
  • English <> Thailand
  • English <> Indonesian
  • German <> Vietnamese
  • German <> Thai
  • German <> Chinese

- Multilingual DTP
- Website localization
- Software localization
- Interpreting
- Etc…