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Document translation

Specialized translation is one of the most complex services and is based on the accurate and consistent translation of the certain terminology and the specific content. It requires joint efforts of project managers, professional translators, editors and proof-readers to ensure authenticity. At VILO, we pay meticulous attention to quality and confidentiality, and believe that individual approach is a key factor in maintaining trusting relationships with our clients. We employ only competent translators with a wealth of experience in various disciplines that match the needs of our clients to provide the best specialized translation and localization services in many areas of business. Whether you need to translate catalogs and user manuals, financial reports and marketing materials, academic articles and scientific publications, web site contents and software interfaces, VILO will cope with any task on-time and on-budget. Our primary aim is to exceed client’s expectations every time.

We provide document translation services in all areas: Legal, Banking-Finance, IT, Electric/Electronics, Marketing, Chemical/Medical, etc…

Your translation documentation is always handled by highly trained linguists who have acquired unique experience working with well-known international companies in the fields of economy, business, medicine, IT and telecommunication, etc. Our golden rule is to cooperate only with professional translators who have both excellent language skills and an in-depth understanding of the local culture and dialect. Working on your specialized translation, we take into consideration the key message and the audience for which it is intended to guarantee the highest quality.

Our team of professionals provides specialized translation services for documents of any format and level of difficulty in the most widely-spread languages such as English, Lao, Khmer, Burmese, Hmong, etc… If you are looking for a reliable assistant in your business development, then VILO is the end point of your search!

File formats: doc, rtf, html, htm, xml, php, jsp, asp, aspx, etc.


  • English -> Vietnamese, Vietnamese -> English, Japanese -> Vietnamese, Vietnamese -> Japanese, Chinese -> Vietnamese, Vietnamese -> Chinese, The major languages into Vietnamese, etc.
  • English <> Burmese/Karen
  • English <> Hmong
  • English <> Lao
  • English <> Khmer
  • English <> Thailand
  • English <> Indonesian
  • German <> Vietnamese
  • German <> Thai
  • German <> Chinese

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