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We offer a range of solutions including translation and Vietnamese language interpreting  with a  professional and effective service. You will be dealt with by our own project manager who will see you through from initial quote to organizing your Vietnamese interpreter.

Types of Interpretation Services

Below we have provided some information  on different interpretation types and the scenarios for which they are used:

  • Consecutive Interpretation
  • Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Telephone Interpretation
  • Escort Interpretation
  • Whisper Interpretation

People say that: “Translation is scientific art, and Interpretation is the art of life”. Being aware of this, VILO equips a team of interpreters who have experience in communicating with people from various countries. These interpreters are trained and practiced in real life to equip themselves with cultures, behaviors and customs of various countries.

We only use interpreters who are qualified and can meet the demand of interpretation   service; this means that you can trust that they are interpreters of best quality. Our interpreter team will help you know more about customers, partners and your partners will have good impression of your business.

It is not difficult to contact us, we are willing to share experience and provide you with experienced reliable interpreters who have all the criteria for a successful negotiation.

Your work will be better if you contact our interpreters before each contact with partner to provide documents or talk with interpreter about target or objective of the conversation. Please remember that, interpreter is a very important figure, he/she is a language and voice connector between you and your partner decides your success or failure in the negotiation.

At present, VILO provides two methods of interpretation: “simultaneous interpretation” and “consecutive interpretation”

  1. Simultaneous interpretation requires interpreter work in group of two or three in a small room. Interpreters translate what the representative says through a micro, and representative listen through a headphone.
  2. Consecutive interpretation is mostly required because this is the most easily arranged and established service, A consecutive interpreter shall start translating after the speaker stops his speech.

We have  excellent Vietnamese native speakers who are fully aware of the needs and requirements of our range of clients which include multinational companies, hospitals and solicitors. In addition to a speedy service we can also provide advice on how to get the best out of your Vietnamese interpreter. All our Vietnamese interpreters are qualified professionals who work full-time as interpreters and/or translators. Each works comfortably between English and Vietnamese. You can hire a Vietnamese interpreter for business meetings, negotiations, conferences, court hearings, media work and market research surveys.Vietnamese interpreters will ensure that the communication between you and your client, customer or colleague is productive through bridging the linguistic and intercultural barriers. If you need a reliable language translation service capable of understanding and responding quickly to your needs then Vietnamese Interpreting would be delighted to hear from you. We deliver high quality language translations on time  with a smile!